SETSC series harmonic elimination dynamic reactive power compensation device

SETSC series products are mainly composed of capacitors, filter reactors, thyristor switch devices, control and protection systems. The device can effectively reduce voltage and current distortion caused by harmonics, stabilize power factor, reduce voltage fluctuation and reactive power impact, improve system power factor, reduce line loss, improve transformer utilization, and optimize power quality of power supply system.

Ø 实时跟踪负荷变化,动态补偿无功功率;
 Actual time tracking of load changes, dynamic compensation of reactive power.
Ø 可控硅采用光电触发技术,实现一次系统和二次系统隔离,保证高可靠性触发;
Silicon controlled rectifier adopts photoelectric trigger technology to realize the isolation of primary system and secondary system to ensure high reliability trigger.
Ø 实现过零投切,投切过程无冲击、无涌流、无过渡,最大限度延长电容器使用寿命;
The device can realize zero crossing switching, without impact, inrush current and transition, and prolong the service life of capacitor to the maximum.
Ø 动态响应速度快,20ms内完成;动态跟踪负荷变化,全自动、长期连续工作;
The dynamic response speed of the equipment is fast, and it can be completed within 20ms; it can track the load change dynamically and work continuously for a long time.
Ø 在规定的动态响应时间内,多级补偿一次到位;
The device can realize multi-stage compensation once in place within the specified dynamic response time.
Ø 降低网损和变压器损耗,增加变压器带载容量;
The device can reduce network loss and transformer loss and increase the load capacity of transformer.
Ø 抑制电压闪变;
The device can suppress voltage flicker.
Ø 在外部故障或停电时自动退出,送电后自动恢复运行;
In case of external failure or power failure, the device can automatically exit and resume operation after power transmission.
Ø 微机控制,智能优化投切方式,实现无人值守,并具有串行通讯功能;
The device adopts microcomputer control, intelligent optimization switching mode, realizes unattended, and has the function of serial communication.
Ø 可就地补偿,也可集中补偿;
It can be compensated locally or centrally.
Ø 实现三相或分相动态补偿;
The device can realize dynamic compensation of three-phase or separated phase.
3、产品命名Naming method

4、产品规格Selection table
Product model
Rated capacity
system voltage
电抗率Reactance rate 投切方式
Switching mode
Compensation mode
SETSC100-7%-400T/3 100 400 7 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC150-7%-400T/3 150 400 7 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC200-7%-400T/3 200 400 7 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC300-7%-400T/3 300 400 7 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC400-7%-400T/3 400 400 7 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC200-14%-400T/3 200 400 14 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC300-14%-400T/3 300 400 14 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC400-14%-400T/3 400 400 14 可控硅 三相补偿
SETSC200-14%-400T/1 200 400 14 可控硅 单相补偿
SETSC300-14%-400T/1 300 400 14 可控硅 单相补偿
SETSC300-14%-400T/3+1 300 400 14 可控硅 混合补偿

(1)、周围空气温度:最高40℃(24小时平均不超过35℃) 最低-25℃;最大日温差25K;注:允许在35℃时储运;
Ambient air temperature: maximum 40 ℃ (24 hours average no more than 35 ℃), minimum - 25 ℃; maximum daily temperature difference 25K; note: it is allowed to store and transport at 35 ℃
Humidity: the average value of daily relative humidity shall not be greater than 95%; the average value of monthly relative humidity shall not be greater than 90%
Altitude: no higher than 2000m
Pollution level: Grade III