SETS series thyristor switch for reactive current compensation

    SETS series thyristor switch adopts zero crossing trigger technology, which can connect power capacitor to or disconnect from power grid quickly and stably without inrush current. It is especially suitable for the occasion where reactive power changes rapidly and is an ideal solution to realize dynamic power factor correction.

开关触点无磨损,使用寿命更高 Increased product life through wear-free switching contacts
无限次投切 Unlimited switching rate
零压差的投切策略 No strain on the capacitors, since they are hooked up in a controlled way
无涌流产生 No inrush peak when hooking up capacitors
无延迟动作 Little operating delay
实时跟踪补偿 Compensation almost in real time
结构紧凑 Compact design
无需附加电源 No additional supply voltage required
运行无噪音 No operating noise
3、产品命名Naming method

4、产品规格Selection table
产品型号 容量 电压等级 共分补形式
SETS 25/400-3 25 400 共补
SETS 30/400-3 30 400 共补
SETS 50/400-3 50 400 共补
SETS 40/690-3 40 690 共补
SETS 10/400-1 3*10 400 分补
SETS 13.34/400-1 3*13.34 400 分补
注:其他容量和电压等级可定制, 最高可达1140V

5、设备效果Measured results