SER Series Detuning Reactor

    In the circuit containing harmonics in the power grid, if the power factor needs to be improved and the capacitor is installed, the harmonic will cause resonance of the transformer and capacitor. In order to avoid the resonance phenomenon, the detuning reactor can be connected in series in front of the capacitor, which can avoid resonance and improve the power factor.

High stacking accuracy
SER series reactor applies to the manufacturing of the silicon steel sheet using the high degree of accuracy auto equipment, which guarantees the error of the size is less than 0.05mm. It also guarantees the consistence of the stacking of the silicon steel sheet.
More air gap core
The core of the SER series reactor applies to loss welding technology, and it applies to the multi-gap structure to guarantee 98% linear of the SER series reactor.
Specialized welding
The terminal between the reactor and the cable applies to specialized pressure welding process. It reduces the partial discharge, even the field intensity and connect more reliably.
Vacuum impregnation
The SER series reactor is treated by vacuum impregnation to make sure it operates with low noise and safe condition.
High linear
The inductance value remains 0.98 with the 1.8 times of the rated current.
Class H
The SER series reactor is made of the materials with the rank of H, which guarantees the fine high temperature resistance.
Low loss
The core of the SER series reactor is made of low loss find materials and the component is made of non-magnetic metal materials to guarantee the high performance of harmonic reactance.
In-built switch
Every SER reactor has a thermo switch which guarantee the safe operation of the protection system when the harmonic system over loads.
3、产品命名Naming method
4、产品规格Selection table
产品型号 电抗率 匹配电容器Qc 接线方式
SER2007400-3 7% 20kVar 三进三出
SER2507400-3 7% 25 kVar 三进三出
SER3007400-3 7% 30 kVar 三进三出
SER4007400-3 7% 40 kVar 三进三出
SER2014400-3 14% 20 kVar 三进三出
SER2514400-3 14% 25 kVar 三进三出
SER3014400-3 14% 30 kVar 三进三出
SER4014400-3 14% 40 kVar 三进三出
SER1514400-1 14% 3*5 kVar 一进一出
SER3014400-1 14% 3*10 kVar 一进一出

5、安装尺寸图Installation diagram

    When wiring, make sure that each terminal nut is tightened and in good contact, to avoid wire end burning due to poor contact and heating.
    Since the product will have a certain amount of heat during normal operation, it is necessary to maintain good ventilation and install exhaust equipment during installation.
    The temperature control of the product is 125 ℃ normally closed. After the control line is connected, if the product temperature is higher than 125 ℃, the temperature control will be automatically disconnected to achieve the purpose of protection.
    If the temperature of the product is abnormally high or the noise is abnormal, it is necessary to stop the work immediately, and then power on the operation after finding out, or contact the manufacturer.
    It is suggested that the product should be installed between the switch and the capacitor to achieve better results.