SEC series capacitors

    The SEC series low voltage cylindrical capacitor is designed to low voltage tuning or detuning filter system (reactor-connected).
    Harmonics will accelerate the insulation aging of power equipment, and the peak voltage after the superposition of harmonics will have a great impact on the aging of metallized film. SEC series capacitor is designed by EFISO technology in terms of material selection, design and process, aiming at the system with high harmonic content.

    Ø 承受高达200IN浪涌电流;
     Resistance to high inrush current(200In)
    Ø 卷制张力跟踪系统结合端面高频喷金技术,均匀薄膜层间压力,实现金属喷层与镀层的更好接触;
    Variable tension winding system &High frequency spraying system make the tension between the film and the layer more average, and the metalized layer can be more tightly touched with the electroplated coated layer.
    Ø 完善的安全保护技术;
    Perfect safety protection technology
    Ø 干式技术;
    Dry Technology
    Extrude round aluminum can with inert gas dry type structure without leakage flaming and explosive.
    Ø 内置放电电阻;
    Integrated discharging resistors
    Ensure safety, each capacitor should be discharged to 50V below within 3min after disconnecting from the power sources.
    Ø 气体保护;
     Gas protection
    Gas is perfused into the capacitor after vacuumed procedure. The performance of the capacitor is also improved with the perfusion of resin.
    Ø 自愈合能力
    The metalized film electric pole applies to zinc, aluminum composite technology, which minimizes the thickness of the pole. The electrical breakdown phenomenon appears when inside of the capacitor is overheated or EOS. The pole around the breakdown point produces ionization, departs electrode medium layer to from the insulator regions, which recovers the operation of the capacitor.
    Ø 压力保护装置
    Pressure sensitive
    In the event of overvoltage, overcurrent,thermal overload or ageing at the end of the capacitor’s useful service life, an increasing number of self-healing breakdowns may cause rising pressure inside the capacitor. To prevent it from bursting, the capacitor is fitted with an obligatory break action mechanism with rising pressure the case begins to expand, mainly separated from internal connection point, and the current path is interrupted irreversibly.
    Ø 高标准容值精度
    Long term stable capacitance tolerance
    Impulse current testing before delivery. Guarantee the stability.
3、产品命名Naming method

4、产品规格Selection table
产品型号 额定容量(kVar) 电容
SEC10C480-3 10 138.3 12.1 480
SEC20C480-3 20 276.5 24.1 480
SEC25C480-3 25 345.6 30.1 480
SEC30C480-3 30 414.7 36.1 480
SEC40C480-3 40 552.9 48.1 480
SEC20C525-3 20 231.1 21.9 525
SEC25C525-3 25 288.9 27.5 525
SEC30C525-3 30 346.6 33.0 525
SEC40C525-3 40 462.2 44.0 525
SEC50C525-3 50 577.7 55.0 525
SEC3*5C280-1 15 3*135.7 3*11.9 280
SEC3*10C280-1 30 3*406.2 3*35.7 280

5、安装尺寸图Installation diagram
    电容器的安装与固定:Mounting & Fixing
    Capacitor shall be placed on the bottom of the cabinet ensure that the lowest operation ambient temperature.
    Vertical position mounting is required (Horizontal is also available, contact the manufacturer if special needed)